PROFILE: Searching With Fashwell

Search engines are (for most of us) limited to text based searches, thus limiting the scope of your search. While there are alternatives such as an image search with Google Images, Fashwell brings a new dimension. 

Fashwell is a Zurich-based startup, with it being founded in 2014 by Matthias Dantone, Lukas Bossard, and Michael Emmersberger. Fashwell’s goal is to be the leader in technology for “image by search”, and according to the founders, Fashwell currently offers the highest precision in product detection on the market.

So, what does Fashwel do? Fashwell recognizes products in images by using deep learning algorithims that are trained in fashion and furniture product recognition. Integral to their technology is their API which is easily slotted in to any platform. Depending on the request of the customer, the API receives pictures and is able to provide feedback on the products seen within the picture. Their technology not only shows the products in the picture, but also related product and alternatives. In addition, Fashwell is able to give customers outfit recommendations.

If you’d like to read more, I recommend reading this article (in German).


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