The Fabricant Sell $9,500 Blockchain-Based Garment

Digital fashion house and Dutch startup, The Fabricant, recently sold a digital dress for $9,500 on its blockchain. The dress, named Iridescence, was designed by 3D artist Johanna Jaskowska and is another iteration of the digital clothing movement.

The Fabricant had this to say on their Instagram page, after making the sale:
“$9,500 for the first ever digital couture to be auctioned on the blockchain. We actually sold one of our items that has never been physical. Someone owns it now, and will be able to wear it if they choose to.” 

Although, you may never be able to touch and feel it, The Fabricant creators will tailor the dress for the buyer using a photo of them. Additionally, with Iridescence being stored on the blockchain, it enables the dress to be used as an asset. What the buyer will do with the asset is unclear as of yet. They may keep it for investment purposes and sell it for a profit once technology has caught up with a variety of uses for the digital dress, or maybe the value will never appreciate at all and instead be worthless. We’ll just have to see.


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