Glitch: World’s First Clothing Line Designed by AI

A company set up by MIT graduates called Glitch, is the first fashion label to sell dresses that are completely generated by machine learning software. Pinar Yanardag and Emily Salvador were influenced to build the software after creating AI-generated art, perfume, and jewellery whilst they were in university They currently have a couple of designs to choose from that are available, with 50% of sales going towards an organization that supports women aiming to enter STEM fields.
The idea behind the AI generated dresses is to encourage more women to enter the AI space by showcasing one of the array of areas which the space can affect. 

“We are trying to democratize the usage of these AI systems for the public by releasing these tools,” said Yanardag. “If you don’t have these high-end CPUs it is very difficult to actually create these systems. We think in the near future this tech will be much cheaper and more accessible, but right now that isn’t the case.” [Vice]

Be sure to check out Glitch’s website


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