PROFILE: Project Cece, A Search Engine for Sustainable Fashion

Project Cece is a search engine that helps customers find sustainable fashion brands and their clothes, something that is not as accessible as one would think. The Dutch fashion-tech startup was founded by Marcella Wijngaarden, Melissa Wijngaarden, and Noor Veenhoven, with it being available in Germany, Holland, and (now just recently) in the UK too. They hope to help customers find fashionable clothes that are sustainable, not just any piece of clothing that is made sustainably.

The idea begun with the founders realising that there was no easy option in finding sustainable clothing, thus they decided to start Project Cece. They identified the following three problems, with the aim to solve them in this venture:
1.     “Sustainable fashion was harder to find”
2.     “Sustainable fashion was often more expensive”
3.     “Sustainable fashion was not in the style we wanted”

Project Cece uses in-house developed web tools to search and collect information from hundreds of different online fashion stores, so that customers are able to compare the levels of sustainability between the brands that are shown. This is done by providing the most amount of transparency with examples such as showing what type of certificates each item of clothing has, thus enabling the customer to make their own choices with greater rationality.


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