Wednesday Wrap-Up 002: Featuring the Zozomat, Fabric that Regulates Body Heat, Gucci AR and More...

This week's 'Wednesday Wrap-Up' features Zozo, Gucci, Free People, and more. Additionally, we have a few extra bits of news snippets at the end of the segment.


Zozo Announces the Zozomat, Allowing Customers to Scan Their Feet in 3D to Get the Best Fit Possible

Yusaku Mawzawa, founder of Japanese online retail website Zozotown (and internationally famous for being SpaceX's first commercial passenger), announced that his company would be providing a new service, named the Zozomat. The Zozomat will be implemented so that customers can scan their own feet from the comfort of their own home, so that they can get a very accurate measure in 3D of their foot to buy shoes with the best possible fit.

The Zozomat itself can be printed at home and is compatible with smartphones. Simply put your foot in the centre of the mat, then the smartphone app and camera will be able to get very accurate measurements of your feet using the markers on the mat. The scan even has an audio user interface that guides the user through the scanning process. The app then  generates a 3D model of the user's foot. The measurements that the Zozomat takes include foot length, width, and girth.  This is what Zozotown said on their official website:

"Buying shoes online has always been challenging as customers want to try on shoes before they buy for a fear of choosing the wrong size. Sizing is different for each person, and having a shoe that is too large, small, wide, tall, or narrow, can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Zozo aims to use Zozomat scans to assist customers in choosing their best fit without trying anything on and to make buying shoes online easier and more enjoyable."

Japanese social media blew up after it was announced, with many of the reactions being positive. However, there were some people who were skeptical of the Zozomat due to the failure of the Zozosuit that was released in 2017. The Zozosuit was met with the same excitement, but ended up being a flop due to the suit being fairly difficult to put on and the body shape prediction system not being as accurate as it should have been.


Free People Launches Heat Regulating Fabric

Free People's activewear brand, FP Movement, has launched a new collection that uses TechnoLinen. TechnoLinen is an innovative fabric that is able to regulate the body temperature of the user at 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5 degrees Fahrenheit). According to the company,  the fabric uses:

"naturally derived particles made from volcanic sand and activated carbon from coconut shells."

The fabric harnesses energy from infrared light, with the particle matter delaying sweating as it removes the moisture at the vapour stage before liquid is able to accumulate.  The particle matter is also able to expertly retain energy when temperatures fall.

The FP Movement TechnoLinen collection has five differing styles, with prices ranging from $68 to $148 and is available on their website.


Gucci adds In-App Augmented Reality Feature for Shoes

Gucci has just added another technological feature, this time an in-app augmented reality feature for shoes. The feature was created in partnership with the tech startup Wannaby, and enables customers to virtually try on Gucci shoes with the option of buying them instantly from their online store.

This isn't the first time that Gucci has experimented with augmented reality technology, as they launched an AR tool to showcase their Gucci Décor collection. This app, though, is currently only available on iOS platforms. All that customers have to do is open the app's feature, point their iPhone camera to their feet, and voilà... you can see how the shoes look exactly on you. Additionally, Gucci is using the feature to increase social media engagement, as customers can easily share photos of them wearing the shoes.

If you are interested in reading more about how Gucci is integrating tech into the company, then be sure to read how Gucci is beginning to integrate artificial intelligence here.



Speculation has been mounting that the reason for Apple's Chief Design Lead Jony Ive's departure is due to a difference in vision with CEO Tim Cook, especially concerning the Apple Watch. Ive wanted to make Apple's wearable tech more like a premium fashion accessory, while Cook wanted them more as a gadget. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ive's departure has been coming for a while due to Cook's differing vision (or lack of) in product design.


US secondhand luxury fashion website, The RealReal, debuted on Wall Street last week. The company raised $300m from investors and by the end of the day the share price closed at $29.36, a 46.8% increase from the opening bell.


Contxto, a Puerto Rican fashion tech startup, just closed the round from Aurora Angel Network. The startup is from San Juan and provides a women's apparel service. The startup provides eight different outfits for $49 a month.



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